I am C.M.A. (covering my ass). Another one of my fellow bloggers had brought up a valid point about copyright infringement.  So I have put up my own disclosure policy which is now available for view on the top tabs.  Where everyone can see it clearly. Whereas I do not use anything I don’t own or do not have permission to use, or is unacceptable by the “fair use” act. So if there is any content within my blog that is unacceptable in regards to copyright infringement please email me so I can rectify this immediately.

Thank you!

Have a wonderful week!! =^.^=


4 responses to “C.M.A.

  1. I agree, but I also think that as long as credit is given on such things such as a photo found on the internet it should be usable. But people are quite excuse the language "pissy" on some of those things. Truly I agreed with the policy "don't put anything you want on the internet that you don't want seen or used elsewhere." Anyrate… it's all good.

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