New page…..

I have made a new page dedication to the writing of my book… I would give a title but *snif snif* I don’t have one for it yet.. I can’t figure out what to call so HEY maybe you can help me with it once it gets far enough. HMM maybe down the road I will hold a contest or something over it. ANYWHO! this page is dedicated to my writing right now I have the entire first chapter put up…. now mind you this is a first rough draft it has spelling errors it has mistakes. This is to get feedback on the content while I write I love getting feedback and knowing that there are people who are actually interested in my upcoming book. So please when you get a chance stop by there read it and let me know what you think.  I take all kinds of feedback…good….bad…. funny…. but I won’t take mean & degrading comments.

So thank you in advance to all my wonderful readers and followers who do stop by.


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