*REVIEW: Storm of Shadows- Christina Dodd*

Storm of Shadows (The Chosen Ones, #2)Storm of Shadows
~Christina Dodd~
Series: The Chosen Ones #2
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publication: September 1, 2009 by Signet
Average Rating: 3.99

When the world was young, twins were born. One brought light to a dark world; the other, darkness and danger. They gathered others around them, men and women destined to use their powerful gifts for good or evil. Today, their descendants walk the earth as the Chosen, and the ultimate battle has begun.
Brilliant but proper and predictable, Rosamund Hill has lived her life buried in universities and libraries, discounting the legend of the Chosen as a myth. Until Aaron Eagle shows up at her door. Aaron both unsettles and enthralls her. But she can’t resist his offers of clandestine visits to private museums, the hunt for a mysterious prophecy. or a makeover that unleashes her untamed soul. With the promise of a love that will defy fate itself, Rosamund is forced to confront the truth about the Chosen … and the dangerous man who sweeps her into a world of dark secrets
~My Review~
Great story Christina Dodd never seems to fail when producing a get your attention, and keep you on the edge of your story. with this being the second book in this series you get more involved with all the characters involved. you also get more of the back story and the story yet to happen. I loved all the twists and turns this story gives you. I also love how the lead female in this particular story is not super model gorgeous but a frumpy librarian. loved it!!!!!

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