Follow & Feature Friday

It’s that time again! It’s Feature and Follow Friday Host by 

Q: What is your preferred reading format? Hardcover, eBooks, paperback etc?

*** Anymore I would prefer eBooks, cause it’s easier to store my books, and it’s easier on my hands, also I can read in bed and not have to worry about falling asleep with the lights on. Next is paper back or trademark paperback, again it’s easier on my hands. Then Hardcover they just keep every book looking crisp and clean.
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11 responses to “Follow & Feature Friday

  1. I've never thought about that as one of the benifits of eBooks haha! I love them mainly cause there so cheap and I can feed my addiction!!New bloglovin, GFC, & twitter follower 🙂 My FF

  2. yeah it was a few years before I got one, I was always a physical book person, but then I gave it a try and it was easier on my hands, and easier to access books, so then I fell in love with them.

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