We’re Moving!!!!

Ok, I am making the switch from Blogger to WordPress. While Blogger may be easier to use and more user friendly they have become, a hindrance in their rules, and I keep hearing about  Blogs being shut down for spam cause they post their posts on Google+ and if you have yours set to Mature Audience, you could be in TOS violation for porn… I put my blog as the Mature preference because well, i’m an adult and while I will encourage children to read, and read alot. I don’t want to have to censor things I say, or put on my blog that is not appropriate for children. Not because I’m advertising porn.  So therefore, I’m making the switch! I don’t want to stay here and e in risk of losing my blog because I posted something on Google+ or because a book cover maybe to risque for Googles tastes.

I will make up another post for the new blog and will keep this one up for a week after I get my WordPress one completed and running so my followers can switch over.

Thank you to all who follow me here, and I hope I will continue to have you as followers as I make this transition.

Book Lover’s Cozy Cafe Owner/Blogger Extraordinaire (Haha on the last part)


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